Yore mom was here πŸ˜‰

Hellacat/Y2KBazo Link Zone

Hellacat/Y2KBazo Link Zone

hellacat is my old handle CX OWO XD

"You should be huggin & cryin, instead of fightin & dyin" - Y2Kbazo 2021

Defend the right to know what your computer runs, demand the source, reject DRM, reject the cloud

More to come! will ad a thrifting blog, meme corner, retro pc corner, maybe a crappy imageboard, etc.


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Razorback Comfy box vivi266 Mothboy

best viewed on a dust clogged overheating netburst pc from a smoker home on a failing hard disk with bad bearings running windows 2000 with every peice of mid 2000s adware installed on TNT2 M64 graphics connected to a 14 inch burnt in CRT whilst im do'ing youer mom.

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go cri in a hoΓΌs fire mofukka